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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random Musings On A Hajj Completed

Thabet at Muslims Under Progress recently returned from Hajj and has posted his comments and observations here.

I enjoyed this one in particular,
"Who said the Saudi authorities don't know anything about irony? I mean, why else would they build an Intercontinental Hotel outside the Haram at Makkah and call it Dar al-Tawhid?".

Although this was disturbing albeit not completely surprising,
"The incident at the Jamarat could be avoided if people were taught -- or bothered to learn -- the significance of the various rites of the Hajj. Instead people are selfish. One of my relatives was caught up in the incident and says she saw people literally climbing over other people to get away from the area. I only found out about the full extent of the incident when I returned to Makkah around Asr time and received a phone call from my worried sister."


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