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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Nominating My Favourite Muslim Blogs

The nominations for the 2nd Altmuslim/City of Brass awards are now open. You can post your nominations here.

A quick note before my nominations - I've tried to avoid putting forward the 'big names' of the Muslim blogosphere as they have already been nominated. I'll get a chance to vote for them later on. I also recommend everyone check out the nominations thread - its a great way to be introduced to new blogs.

Best Middle-Eastern/Asian blog - The Religious Policeman. Sharp and incisive while managing to evade the Saudi thought police!

Best Group blog - Pickled Politics. British 'desis' discussing british and global politics. The best part is the always lively comments section.

Blog Most Deserving of Wider Recognition - Civil Comment - He always has something interesting to say.

Best Thinker - Thabet . Slightly heavier fare than one is used to on the blogosphere, Thabet's analysis never fails in provoking one's own thinking.

Best Female - Paki Feminist. Absolutely brilliant AND hysterically funny.

Best Post or Post Series - Rape me Musharraf by Paki Feminist. If you haven't read it yet do so now! Pure genius!!

Best Non-Muslim - The Artsaypunk. A aspiring, white, liberal Canadian writer enjoying (most of the time anyway) living in Pakistan. Another blog which is very, very funny.

Best Blog - Procrastination. Super blog - covers a large range of subjects with great skill and posting in Urdu as well makes this the complete package.

My Nomination For New Category
Best Multimedia Blogging - Street Photos. His pictures are always a treat.


Anonymous Zack said...

Thanks for nominating me.

5:10 pm, January 10, 2006  

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