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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dealing With Iran

Timothy Garton Ash has an excellent analysis of how to deal with Iran based on his own travels to that country. The first point if followed should prevent any future American administration even trying to use the idea of humanitarian intervention in invading Iran.

"I love George Bush," one young woman told me as we sat in the Tehran Kentucky Chicken restaurant, "but I would hate him if he bombed my country." I think that this quote nicely demonstrates, that even the most pro-American Iranians would not like their country to be bombed as part of an American invasion.

At the same time, Garton Ash does not under-estimate the potential problem of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. His solution though is not to use force but to engage with Iran while holding a 'big stick', for Europe and America to work together on the matter and to apply standards in restricting nuclear proliferation consistently.

Perhaps the most important point though is this, that the west must be,
"Consistent, too, in recognising that our policy must be addressed as much to the people as the regime. For every step we take to slow down the nuclearisation of Iran, we need another to speed up the democratisation of Iran."


Blogger DA said...

When Iranians like Bush, I wonder if they remember his Daddy funneling money and weapons to Saddam Hussein to kill them with.

6:04 am, November 26, 2005  

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