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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Teenage Punks Behind Black Hijabs!

Seemingly obvious but nevertheless brilliant piece in The Times by Janice Turner on the Hijab as another form of teen rebellion along the same lines 'as a punk's mohican or a goth's black garb'.

Ms Turner makes a number of good points in her discussion with a group of intelligent young Hijabi's. For example she questions them on issues such as equality and various freedoms for people in the U.K. As I've said before, one of the problems in Muslim thought is the association of liberal democracy with sometimes questionable morality. The point is not that a liberal society promotes such action it is that people are given the freedom to choose how they behave. There is often talk about how liberal democracy needs to be adapted to Eastern or Islamic culture. The point is that it will do so automatically - a liberal democracy in Pakistan will have several problems resulting from people exercising their freedom but mass drunkenness is unlikely to be one of them.

The most interesting part of the article though was this argument,

"I suggested they were far more British than they thought. They laughed that living in Iran and compelled to wear the hijab they would probably spend their lives trying to break the rule."

Of course there is no way of proving this but intuitively it just seems right and definitely provides food for thought.


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