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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

David Davis and Multiculturalism

So unsurprisingly, David Davis has called for an 'end to multiculturalism'. This is unfortunate.What politicans such as Mr Davis need to foster and encourage is a sense of civic nationalism towards British institutions as opposed to a parochial ethnic nationalism to an imaginary British way of life. He does hint to this end when he speaks of 'a core britishness', but does not spell this out clearly.

These values would include adherence to fundamentals of liberal democracy such as tolerance, liberty, equality and the rule of law. The type of clothes one decides to wear (hijab included) or the cuisine which one eats should not be an issue and in fact diversity in such areas should be welcomed as they provide perspective and lead to less parochialism.

For some ideas as to how politicians can help to inculcate such values in both British born people of different cultures as well as immigrants there is an excellent piece by Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian.


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