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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

British Extremism

For anyone who reads this blog, sorry for the absence. Have been on holiday without prolonged access to the internet.

Firstly sympathies to all those affected by the terrorist attacks in London and Sharm-el-Shaikh. They were heinous acts which must be condemned without reservation. Whether or not the people who committed these crimes were driven to do so by policies which we may agree or disagree with is irrelevant.

However, I'm not going to rehash points which have already been made extensively. Instead I would like to focus attention to one of the contradictions within the British Muslim and especially the British Pakistani community.

The vast majority of preachers or 'imams' while being conservative believe that Muslims in Britain should peacefully co-exist with other communities. The problem is that these imams are also all almost imported from Pakistan, are relatively unfamiliar with British culture and are not able to connect with and meet the needs of second and third generation Muslims.

This is the 'gap' which provides the vacuum which enables more radical elements to be able to convert. Not only do they breed resentment towards the 'West, but also towards their own families who are portrayed as illiterate people who rather than following the 'true path' of Islam are clinging to their illiterate, cultural superstitions.

One solution to this problem is obviously for British born Muslims to get involved in religion but this is unlikely as kids who are half talented are unwilling to become religious scholars.

Apart from this, not much else I can think of right now. I would say though that those who are converted to the jihadi cause are pretty much lost causes and need to be apprehended before they cause any damage. The danger is if overexuberance helps lead to the next generation of al-Qaida sympathizers being recruited.


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