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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Arab Reform

That political repression in the Arab world has led to many young people being drawn towards Islamic fundamentalism is now conventional wisdom. One thing which is missed out though is that a religious revival is also a backlash against the failed modernism attempted by the likes of Nasser.

What is often forgotten is that the Arab world did attempt to modernise, but that on the whole, it either went down a socialist path ala Egypt or a fascist path ala Iraq. This has led to modernism as a whole being rejected leading to a yearning for a return to a 'purer' Islamic heritage.

Recently, Egypt has shown signs of development with candidates being allowed to run against President Mobarak. Hopefully, this is not a one off event and continues after the current administration is finished. People need to see a liberal, democratic system working for them before they can fully rid themselves utopian visions of Islamic grandeur.


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